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Re. Fur Studio

"Down to the Smallest Part
Painstaking Aesthetic Drive"

Re:Fur Studio is HKFF’s center for creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship and is committed to bringing innovation to fur garments’ redesign. Through the cooperation with different students and young designers, to absorb the ideas of more new generations,  and develop fur technology by digital. At the same time, we develop fur fabrics and ready-to-wear styles with different designers every year, hoping to inspire more design inspirations in the fur and fashion industry. By using digital to show the technology developed by the studio to more cooperative brands and users, this move easily breaks through the traditional boundaries of fur, and also reduces the waste of the environment and resources.


Brand Research and Insights
Our Purpose
Re Fur Studio
Our Services
Promotion Plan

Brand Research
and Insights

What are the HKFF company’s  strengths? What we need?   


Iconic fur technologies
Environmental friendly


New evolution (global warming)
Oppotunities for members to collaborate better
Young marketing approack


We are going to Use a method that is more acceptable to young people to promote the industry for the young people market. As the fur trade has always been pictured as an aging business, it is necessary to bring younger blood into the fur trade, to make them understand that not only those middle-aged rich people could wear fur.

While promoting to young people, it can
also establish new public awareness (such as the previous misunderstanding of
fur) mainly because people, let’s focus on the younger generation owns biggest
misunderstanding to fur, such as not environmentally friendly, or always
indiscriminate hunting. We are desperate to solve these misunderstanding as
much as we could.

Using education and design as the main
purpose, so that the younger generation can better understand the diversity of
fur, to bring the thoughts which is easier for the younger to know that the fur
could not only been wear as a huge coat, but also could use as virous charming

Provide Digital Service for HKFF members, keep up with the pace of the times, quickly meet today’s needs…

Our Services

1 Photography Campaign

2  E-Commerce Platform

3 Online Magazine

4 Fashion Digitalization 

5 Our Collection

Photography Campaign

  • Mix & match product of members
  • Re-branding the products with a fashionable and young image
  • Provide model shooting & styling services

E-Commerce Online Shopping Platform

  • An online platform which provides a new retail channel for HKFF members. ( Business to Customer retailing)
  • Media and online promotion in order to broader market and potential customers to the younger generation.

Online Magazine with HKFF Members

Promoting the brand and product stories.

Promote the manufacture’s unique technology.

Community collaboration and sustainabiliy.

Fashion Digitalization

  • Intergrate Digitalization into the fur designs.
  • Easily break through the tradition of fur design.
  • Reduce resources wasting.
  • Online Fashion Show.

Digital Filters (Instagram )

3D brand card (Gifts)

  • Deepen Re.fur studio’s  brand impression

  • strengthen social media mobility

  • AR Technology

Express the image and materialization of the brand, interact with the public and strengthen brand affinity

Promotion Plan

  • Target the west and china
  • Young and fashion image
  • Technology with digital

Strengthen the soft power of Re:fur studio.

The habit of blending into social trends

Youtube Advertise

  • Introducing RE fur studio
  • A promotional new platform combining all members of HKFF
  • Newly converted fur

Cater to the viewing habits of teenagers and increase exposure,Increased transparency in the branding process

  • A new online platform for all members (B to C) (B to B)


  • Use HKFF’s Iconic Technology as the brand feature of re fur studio


  • Traditional with Digitalization


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