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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Digital Fashion

In the digital era, young generations are highly reliant on social media, the Internet and smartphones in every area of life, resulting in drastic changes in consumer behaviours. Digital technologies are transforming every stage of the fashion industry, from concept design to clothing rail. As an international fashion design hub, Hong Kong is in need of young talents with strong digital skills to drive efficiency and innovation for the evolving fashion business.

In response to the changing consumer landscape and to fulfil the developmental needs of the fashion industry, this programme aims to impart students with solid and holistic knowledge of new emerging technologies and digital fashion, innovative marketing/business strategies and plans. It also equips students with advanced digital skills in fashion product development, media communication and business development in the digital era. 

Graduates can pursue a variety of careers in the fashion industry and related areas, such as specialist/professional creative content marketing, digital media, creative/corporate communications, and business strategies and transformation for fashion brands.


The programme is a 2-year multidisciplinary full-time top-up degree programme.

It targets the holders of Associate Degrees or Higher Diplomas from different disciplines

 This programme is characterized by 3 is, students are equipped with these 3 is upon successful completion of the programme.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The programme emphasises both theory and practice. Problem-based/project-based teaching is the key approach to programme delivery:                                                   the programme is integrated with Capstone Projects that require students to apply the skills they have learned to solve real business problems in the fashion industry. Furthermore, a wide range of elective subjects are included in the curriculum to help students with different academic backgrounds to achieve the intended learning outcomes, through well-designed study pathways with a broad knowledge spectrum.


2021 Sept
Programme start
2022 Jan-June
Capstone project 1
2022 Sept-Dec
Capstone project 2
2023 Jan
to be continuous