Capstone project

FUR x Sustainability Introduction

As one of the world's largest suppliers of premium fur apparel and accessories, Hong Kong has always been committed to fur sales and distribution. The Hong Kong Fur Federation (HKFF) was established to consolidate Hong Kong's position as the world's premier fur centre and exporter of fine fur fashion. HKFF was established in 1979 and had more than 150 members. They hope to unite the Hong Kong fur industry and, at the same time, promote fur as a natural resource that can be decomposed and regenerated in a cycle. Still, there are some misconceptions about fur in society. Most of the reasons for the opposition come from ignorance. For example, the belief that the use of fur is inhumane and harmful to nature, the idea that fur is old fashion and not suitable for the young generation. This rebranding proposal will be divided into three main objectives. Mainly aimed at promoting the sustainability of fur, raising awareness of sustainable fashion, and changing audience stereotypes about fur. In addition, the target audience is re-established through data collection, and a series of marketing plans are designed according to the preferences and needs of the new target audience.

Rebranding Competition Introduction

Students will work in groups on a marketing campaign for rebranding fur fashion with an objective to highlight the use of natural fur is sustainable and to change the stereotype toward fur. Each group is responsible for developing a complete proposal by creating digital contents for the rebranding and marketing campaign. Proposal must cover clear campaign objectives (including market research and target audience, personas); actual plans and strategies applied, what are the execution plan and expected outcomes (with KPIs). Visual content (must include editorial (blog/article), posts and video). HKFF will set up and select award and prizes for the rebranding campaign.

Five Senses

WAN Lok Him, TAM Chung Man, CHEUNG Ching

Heirloom of Love, Beyond generations

WONG Anna Pek, Man Tsik

Traceability - Fur Exhibition

SHIU Cho Yu, POON Wan Lam, MA Ka Yan

Play To Earn

NG Lai Yi, LEUNG Wing Miu, CHUNG Choi Yee

100 vs 1 Art Exhibition

YEUNG Hoi Ching, WONG Victoria Man-hei, LI Man Yuen

Fur On Wheels

LEE Yin Wai, KO Sze Nga, CHAU Yin


LING Ching Yi, YIP Wai Yee, YEUNG Ching Man


Li Qiaowen, NG Wing Hin, WONG Man Hin

RE:FUR Studio

LI Fanzhen, LI Yu Chuen, WONG Mei Ching

Two Sets of Rules

CHOW Shuk Wai, HO Kwok Yeung, LI Yee Lam