Traceability – Fur Exhibition

Rebranding Campaign Proposal

Traceability - Fur Exhibition

  • Educate the public about traceability in the fashion industry​
  • To showcase furmark system
  • Promote sustainability within the fur industry​
  • Attract more fur companies to join the furmark system


Age Range: 10-25

  • Digital Native
  • High demand on sustainable products
  • Authenticity of the Information ​

Theme: Traceability

As traceability is the main function and purpose of the whole Furmark system, it is set to be the theme of our whole campaign.  Although traceability is a relatively less talked about subject in the fashion industry, it is nonetheless very important in terms of sustainability. We would also use the concept of traceability to trace back to the past to showcase the history and heritage of the fur industry, and ultimately educate the public on the efforts made by the fur industry to promote traceability and sustainability. By tracing back to the past and comparing it to the present, the campaign could connect the history of the fur industry and push it to a better future. 

Traceability - Fur Exhibition Content

Part 1

Furmark Function Introduction

  • Introduce the supply chain of fur industry

Part 2

Furmark Concept 

●  The purpose of Furmark

●  The natural fur industry have global certification

●  New impression of the natural fur industry

Part 3

Furmark Interview

●  Interview video
1. The transparency of production process​
2. Importance of traceability ​
●  Deepen impression

Part 4

Rhetorical Question

●   Arouse reflection
●   Deepen impression
●   The natural fur industry is the first industry to have blameless traceability system