What Is A Shit Test & How Do You Deal With One?

Up until reading this article I didn’t realize that all my life I have been dealing with shit tests from people, an ultimately FAILING them. I have zero experience with women- and I’m in my thirties. In my teens I actively strove to counter any budding interest I had in them due to my experiences with girls before puberty.

Crucial Qualities You MUST Consider When Choosing A Woman!

Looking back at my previous relationships with higher quality women they would never shit test, on the contrary, would just be chill and supportive. One of the most thorough posts I’ve read on shit tests. If a pretty girl says “I bet you say that to all the girls” (a run-of-the-mill standard shit test) and you stand there with your jaw ajar speechless in what to say, you have just failed her shit test. Your silence is not useful because she can see you are not wilfully ignoring her, you’re just stuck for what to say and your mental slowness is blatant. This is a huge faux pas that communicates stark social incompetency. Shit tests are used to “determine your frame.” Frame is a concept which essentially means “composure and self-control.” If you need a visual metaphor, imagine you are a work of art on a gallery wall.

Shit tests are for the woman you might see a future with. Before the third date you’re simply discovering if you get along and if you want to get to know her — not just her body — more. Shit testing is part of a healthy filtering system so knowing how to test a woman provides both of you with useful info about each other. It’s simple — assume her challenges are signs of flirting. Assume she’s doing it because deep down, she likes you. They wants to know if you’re the hero…or just another guy.

Others of what you describe are generally called wife tests . They’re the male analog to comfort tests that women give men, and they test things like loyalty or belief systems. Several examples of these are given on Ian Ironwood’s Red Pill Room blog, and a lot of his material is already on the sidebar. Everyone is constantly changing and so am I. We are both way different people from when we first met.

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But also accept that they need space in order to function and that means for us to not smother them or bother them during their space. Also, its very hard to maintain a secure and healthy relationship with these types and it takes a lot of effort and patience. It’s not for those who love big and are comfortable with feeling vulnerable. As for girls, I usually DO pass their shits tests but the ones who administer shit tests in the first place are the total bitches I don’t want to sleep with.

Women tend to get PISSED when you pass it up! When I did not venture over yonder, she shot me a really impatient glare, she was definitely DTF, and I guess she figured I was just the one to plant a stick of dynamite between her legs. I left her dangling in frustration instead. But, I am not saying to myself, “Oh, man, I blew it! If only I could have seen what was going on!

Give me some good responses to the “you’re so selfish you only ever think of yourself” shit test. I’ve learned a lot about ‘shit test’ because of this. Some men are going to react differently and, if you actually like the man you’re testing, there’s a good chance the test could backfire and he just ends up despising you. I enjoyed a fair amount of grief in Sixth Form too. I ended up concluding that I wasn’t missing out on much if being honest and friendly drew ridicule.

And if Red Pill claims that game is a good way to learn about long-term relationships, they’re way off. Look at the track-record of top dating instructors – even after decades of seduction mastery many remain single and unable to maintain long-term relationships. You can’t take these challenges personally. You can’t assume she’s trying to hurt or reject you. If you do, you’ll inevitably be responding the wrong way.

Joe, I suggest you find a devout christian woman or lower your standards and a find a woman that will worship you. Save yourself the headache man with all the unnecessary games from people who will constantly challenge your value. By the time you are 60 with grand children, Men like Scott would have had several divorces with children from different wives. They will claim that they are still fucking virgins by age 60, but the truth is that they would have hit the wall with nothing to show for it.

A signal that you are an alpha male and that you aren’t going to cave in when she gives you shit. The idea of “passing” shit tests is a bad mindset to begin with. Instead of finding a female … who cared about you. Who didn’t Grazer phone give a fuck about any of that shit – and didn’t even blink when another “Alpha Male” shoved his cock in her face. She stayed with you because she was above that. It was about realizing that this is a Long Term trip.

So women want you to prove that you’re the real deal. A lot of men complain that they don’t want women to play any games. But what we say can be different than what we respond to.

When you use humor to overcome a shit test it shows that you don’t take her shit test serious. Also you take the frame of the interaction into your hand especially if she laughs. Frame control and testing goes hand and hand. When a woman test you she is testing your frame to see if she can easily rattle you and control the frame of the interaction. After you pass a few initial test a woman will throw test at you here and there throughout the conversation because she likes you and wants to make sure you are the real deal. However if you aren’t rich and famous you can still attract beautiful women by having high status BEHAVIOR!

She has no choice but to believe he might rather put them in the dog house or make her pick up the slack rather than deal with an unpleasant situation. What started off as a fun hobby, grew into a full-scale 6-figure business that’s changing the lives of men worldwide. Yup – the root of it is that women want to know you aren’t afraid to offend them. Not because you’re a dick, but because you’re grounded. But the thing is, when you’re at a nightclub and a girl is getting hit on by literally a guy every 2 minutes, she has to “screen them,” quickly. Men had known about this phenomena unconsciously for millenia, but the red pill community was the first to actually put it into words.

You may be their reason to want to change, which is a beautiful thing, but they have to do it themselves. Instead of you having the POWER to spark that feeling of attraction and sexual desire inside of her. And it’s the same kind of boring conversation that we’ll have with dozens of other guys who are also trying to pick us up. Pass most of her shit tests and she will stay interested in you. The more you fail, the more she is going to shit test you and the more dramatic she will be in general, until one day she completely dumps you or worse you catch her screwing your masculine neighbor. That is why so many women are not happy in relationships nowadays, men don’t know how to wear the pants and therefore the relationship.