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Yet in any column on how to write those profiles, the advice will say to clearly state what you have to offer, rather than what you are seeking or demanding. I feel for your situation and the lack of support. I can relate to a lot of what you’ve said. I feel different from most women for many reasons, and the online dating scene just doesn’t appeal to me.

I thought I had forgotten how to do that. Make out sessions before sex really set the mood. If the erection goes away, oh well, it will come back soon. In the meantime, enjoy kissing and holding each other by the fire. I’m currently not ready to date again since my feelings are still very raw.

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I really hope situations turn around for both of us. Peter-san, unfortunately, a woman who has put half her life behind her is statistically 39 years old in the United States. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your life. Most of us over 50 men have just as much dating issues as you do. – If you go to bars, you’re going to be far more likely to meet men with alcohol problems and who sit around too much. I never want to grow to be an old woman, sounds awful.

I am head over heels for and she and I have a ton of the same interests in life. We are friends with one another, but she refuses to date me. Now that I am 58, I know 100%, I have no chance to be with any female on this planet. Who has a lot going for myself and I have a lot to offer.

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You sound like a successful man in your own right and you will be ok on your own. Don’t rush into anything and start doing more things for yourself in the way of hobbies and other activities. Try to be positive, and when you’ve healed from this relationship I am sure you will attract a good hearted woman. You sound like a good man who tried to do the right thing and got your butt kicked for it. In a way I have some similar parts to my story.

The last gal I had a relationship with was attractive but was bigger than average. Didn’t matter to me and though she wasn’t happy with her body I told her she was sexy (she was!!) and the sexiest thing about her was that she loved and wanted me. Totally killed me when she ended our relationship BTW. 🙁 I don’t agree with the article and the assumption it is easier for men to date in their 50’s versus women.

I am 76, still working and very active. I guess I need some encouragement to put myself out there. To me, if I were to find someone, I would like someone to be here 2 or 3 nights a week and I could do the same at his home. You are so right to consider if he becomes disabled and you would then feel like you are required to take care of him.

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I have gone to the philharmonic, cooking stores to get that special implement, the library, long walks. I do see them from afar, but they are rarely alone. And if they are, certainly their guard is up.

I gave up my career when she graduated college in 2007 and started job hopping up the ladder. Moving every 18 months or so made it very difficult for me to start a business or once started, relocating even farther from my target market area. We even had 2 rentals a state away I managed and maintained. The last house, I started one year ago and she immediately took a job in another state…I finally finished in November.

I’m too hyper-vigilant for red flags now. Men are attracted to youth and beauty in women like women are attracted to status and resources in men. Women when they get older start to lose what men are attracted to. If men are not physically attracted to you then they will not pursue you. I think every woman needs to be wined & dine now and then, my name is Tony recently separated after 35 years at a loss about all what you need to do to get a date these days.

The feelings of accomplishment is incredibly bonding and I believe this is what us guys want. Just having an orgasm isn’t what we are looking for. We have hands if that is really all we want.

Ha….at almost 52 I have not lost my looks and I have been told I look as young as 38. Unfortunately, the men I have come in contact with are either afraid to commit, have too much baggage that affects their ability to engage in a close relationship, or they just don’t want to date. Not all women fit into this category you described, and certainly not all men 50 and over are candidates for a meaningful relationship anymore. I wish I could find a man like you.