Scorpio Zodiac Signs: Personality Traits, Love Compatibility, & More Astrology

For instance, according to social media, Aries are perpetually angry, Leos are megalomaniacs, and let’s not even get started on Geminis. The problem with things they value is in the illusion of value they both share. They will value rationality and emotional maturity, but those are things none of them can actually deliver all the time. They belong to the element of Water and are deeply emotional, while valuing each other’s lack of emotion, shown at the beginning of their relationship.

They won’t throw their bond away over something insignificant. Scorpio’s compatibility with another Scorpio will vary based on where each Scorpio is on their journey. Two distrustful Scorpios prone to self-destruction and sabotaging their relationships will never be able to remain friends. They can accomplish a lot, whether they come together for a cause in the business or romantic sphere. They are both winners and they won’t give up, making theirs a relationship that takes care of business.

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In terms of love and romance, Aries and Scorpio are a good match. The playful character of Aries harmonises perfectly with the serious attitude of Scorpio. Their relationship is strengthened by an enormous degree of trust for one another. These are two intensely passionate and mysterious people, and when their relationship is good, it’s very, very good. These two partners have a lot in common and can bring out the best in each other. There can also be destructive tendencies that will need to be closely monitored and sometimes addressed.

It’s likely they will both experience lust at first sight, for perhaps the first time in their life. Once they get to know each other and are bonded emotionally, the passion is even more intense. This could lead to the best sex of their lives, no question, once this couple is able to establish trust and a satisfying emotional bond. As long as they can avoid letting petty jealousy and suspicion get in their way, this can be a long-lasting, extremely satisfying union. Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac and mutable water sign, is trine, or four signs apart from Scorpio, which is considered the most harmonious bond forged between two signs. Both are deeply feeling, in touch with their spirituality, somewhat — or, OK, possibly very — psychic, and up for an otherworldly, jaw-droppingly romantic relationship.

While the Scorpio man is similarly very emotional, they are far more grounded, and this can help to ensure that the Pisces woman similarly is able to stay grounded to some degree in reality. While this is certainly a positive quality in some ways and allows the Pisces woman to be highly creative and imaginative, it can cause issues when it comes to remaining grounded in reality. This means that the Pisces’ fantasies will be well met by the mysterious nature of the Scorpio man. This is a quality that is actually very respected by the Pisces woman who is, herself often given to daydreaming. While this may be an unfounded notion, if the Scorpio man were to believe this, they may bottle their feelings in and become resentful and jealous.

You might assume that two people with the same zodiac sign should get along perfectly, but not every sign works well with its own kind. Scorpios love hanging out in the dimly lit regions of the subconscious and can often make wonderful therapists, astrologers, tarot readers, or guides of any sort. Likewise, any career that involves research or in-depth analysis is Scorpionic territory. Additionally, the eighth house rules other people’s finances, so financial adviser is another possible career option for our Scorpio friends. Scorpio’s depth can create tunnel vision at times, and this is a sign that can be a tad obsessive.

Scorpio is also a very stubborn sign, so when two Scorpios argue, it will be a long time before either partner is willing to apologize or compromise. Sexual compatibility is never an issue in a double Scorpio relationship; in fact, it’s one of this couple’s greatest strengths. They have a great deal of sexual confidence that comes from their innate understanding of sexuality. They are self-assured when it comes to their bodies and their sexual prowess.

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I hope somehow we run into each other again, but I dont know how this is possible. Geminis like to wander and investigate (anything – yard sales, members of their favorite sex, museum openings, etc.). Aquarians are very curious but not mindlessly disloyal. If they don’t like you anymore, they will tell you beforehand and leave you and take up with the next person . So when you say she was flirting around on you and you were home quiet as a church mouse, to me it does not add up. Unless you have some very sedentary planets in the rest of your cosmic makeup, I can’t believe you were just sitting at home, and she was the primary gallivanter.

As per the Scorpio love signs, Scorpios have a lot of similarities with Capricorns, which outweigh their differences. Since both Pisces and Scorpios are water signs, they have close emotional contact. Pisces will allow Scorpio to dominate, but the happiness of this relationship depends severely on each personality. Aries and Scorpio compatibility falls somewhere in the middle.

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They may become cranky if they don’t have enough physical affection, including both snuggling and sex. Once you know more about this complex and mysterious zodiac sign, you will be able to determine the Scorpio and Scorpio relationship compatibility. There is a regenerative, explorative, and even healing quality to the typical Scorpio’s sex life. In the bedroom, emotional intimacy and true sexual connection are just as important as experimentation and playfulness for this sign. With any match, it’s important to remember that all the signs in your natal chart play a role in love compatibility.

Based on the Scorpio compatibility horoscope, Scorpios have low compatibility with Aquarius and Leo. Aquarius will not understand the passionate and emotional Scorpio. They are too independent to understand the jealous outbursts of Scorpio. The best matches for Scorpios are Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, and Pisces.

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… possibly because a Scorpio always finds a way to strike up conversation — and seem like they’re flirting — with everyone ever. They will be kind and courteous to absolutely everyone until they’re crossed. Purple is the color of royalty, sophistication, and mystery. Purple is combined with the stability of the color blue and the fierce energy of the color red.

Their togetherness is highly gratifying for both of them. If you’re a Libra, you’ll find that a relationship with water sign Pisces will come with a lot of complications. These two zodiac signs have nothing in common and will have a hard time understanding one another, especially in love. They’ll have trouble with communication, trust, and adjusting to one another’s needs in the bedroom.

Libras are an asset to have on your side because they are one of the most creative signs. They always have a million different ideas running through their heads. Although they aren’t afraid to step back and allow others to take the lead, they also have a lot of leadership qualities. Since they want everyone to like them, they are able to see the good in everyone.